Intelligent cognitive boost patch

Most Innovative Neurotechnology Company , Middle East (2022)

Immediate cognitive boost

For healthy adults as well as for Alzheimer and cognitive decline patients

Innovative Technology

NeuroAudit is the first to develop a technology of transferring ultrasonic stimulation to the brain

Blood conduction

First device to transfer the stimulation to the brain via blood conduction


NeuroAudit activities were established in 2016, developing an innovative neurotechnology called psychoacoustics neuro stimulus.

The product which NeuroAudit is currently working on is a cognitive boost patch via "blood conduction" directly to the brain using a unique algorithm and steered for treatment of brain disorders such as:

  • Alzheimer's diseases

  • Cognitive disorders

The device transmits a noninvasive, entirely pure signal manner through a patch attached to the skin and is not mounted in or near the ears of the patient.


NeuroAudit’s vision addresses the complexity of neurological disorders by continuously monitoring the state of the brain while effectively analyzing the measured data and controlling brain stimulation in real-time to understand better the impact on the brain condition.

Using our small noninvasive stimulating patch, NeuroAudit showed improvements in certain cognitive functions and was able to send a pure tone to an utterly deaf person via the blood using an ultrasonic algorithm.

NeuroAudit is the first product to improve cognitive performance and support neural activation by using, long-lasting device applying low-frequency ultrasound technology.

  • Innovative psychoacoustics neuro stimulus
  • Uses ultrasound stimulation via blood conduction using a unique algorithm
  • Used in a variety of medical applications

NeuroAudit Science

NeuroAudit has developed a completely novel type of stimulation, not perceived by human senses, that can be applied using a dedicated device and affect the sensory areas of the human cortex.

This breakthrough has opened the door for new ways of neuromodulation that modify the brain’s resting state activity as well as its responses to cognitive tasks. We record the neural response of the cortex and use it for deceptively adjusting the stimulation protocol for a cognitive boost .

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Press Kit

Innovative ultrasound stimulation with psychoacoustics

NeuroAudit is developing technologies based on psychoacoustics ultrasonic stimulation for various medical and wellness applications, such as personalized treatment of brain disorders, cognitive enhancement, and hearing aid instrumentation via blood conduction.

An Israeli startup present a new Brain hearing sense and sending a tweet to Neuralink

The Israeli startup NeuroAudit report about unique Neuro technology -new "Brain hearing sense" that extends the range of hearing beyond normal frequencies and sends signals directly to the brain using a unique device in order to create cognitive and clinical effects

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Imedpub publication

Non-invasive apparatus and method for Cranial Brain Stimulation.

Ultrasound (US) has received widespread attention as an emerging technology for targeted, non-invasive neuromodulation based on its ability to evoke electro-physiological and motor response As the focusing is achieved through constructive interference of the incident waves, a focal spot can be formed at depth within the tissue without affecting cells along the propagation path closer to the transducer

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Most Innovative Neurotechnology Company , Middle East (2022)