About NeuroAudit

NeuroAudit was based in 2016 and developed an innovative neurotechnology called psychoacoustics neuro stimulus.

The product which NeuroAudit is currently working on is a kind of cognitive boost patch based on "blood conduction" directly to the brain using a unique algorithm and steered for treatment of brain disorders such as:

  • Alzheimer's diseases

  • Cognitive disorders

The device transmits a noninvasive, entirely pure signal manner through a patch attached to the skin and is not mounted in or near the ears of the patient.

The use cases are:

  • Create a new "Brain Hearing Sense" to expand the range of human brain hearing up to 5 times the height of human hearing without using the auditory system (up to 100KHz).

  • Expanding level of cognition using specific modulations for cognitive improvement purposes.

  • Transmission of signals directly to the brain without using the auditory system (ears).

Our Solution

Intelligent daily use patch driving instant cognitive boost based Innovative psychoacoustic neurostimulation technology ,using a unique algorithm that can improve certain cognitive.


NeuroAudit vision addresses the complexity of neurological disorders by continuously monitoring the state of the brain while effectively analyzing the measured data and controlling brain stimulation in real-time to understand the impact on the brain condition better.

Using our small noninvasive stimulating patch, NeuroAudit showed improvements in certain cognitive operations and was able to send a pure tone to an utterly deaf guy via the blood using an ultrasonic algorithm.


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